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NOTE to Ralf DL5RB: I don't have the slightest idea where this should go, but it may be a useful application footnote someplace to tcp/ip over ax25 connection examples. Place it where it may be appropriate. It isn't a main topic. -WB5AOH-

I suggest for the moment we leave this here until the structure clears up. In fact the site needs a nice structure maybe more than anything else at them moment, I think.


A closer look ...

Well, I did a closer look at the page. /dev/tcp, /dev/udp and /dev/ip do not really exist, they are virtual devices created by bash. So this is not specific to Linux at all; it would work just as well on bash on Solaris etc. How useful is it? You deciede but it certainly is not a general purpose programming API; C or Perl would give access to these APIs. Then again, why use a sabre if the Swiss army knife can do the job?