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The PR430 is a small device integrating a TNC and a 70cm 6W-transceiver optimized for packet radio (1200 Bd. AFSK & 9600 Bd. FSK) use. It is connected to the host system through an RS232 interface using the common 9-pin sub-D connector. It is running enhanced 6pack as the line protocol.
The PR430 can also be used as a FM-TRX and as POCSAG-TX.

Linux support

Currently Linux does not support enhanced 6pack, therefor special drivers patches are needed. The patch is available at The enhanced 6PACK driver is configured via sysfs. To configure the (first) device to a receive frequency of 438.350MHz with a shift of -7.6MHz use the following commands:

echo 438350000 > /sys/class/net/sp0/tnc/qrg
echo -7600000 > /sys/class/net/sp0/tnc/shift

The FM-Tranceiver and POCSAG transmitter modes are currently not supported.